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Tjeklist is for all your tasks, to-dos, projects, goals, resolutions, lists and things-you-need-to-remember. It's all about organizing your life. From the fun to the serious, and everything in between, you can put it all in your Tjeklist.

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“ Why do I need Tjeklist? ”

By helping you get organized, Tjeklist can help ease your stress and help you be more productive. All the things you want to and need to remember will be in one, central place — your easy-to-use Tjeklist.

Clean and Uncluttered Design That's Just Plain Smart

Tjeklist is a powerful productivity tool, yet it is straightforward to use and understand.

  • add to, organize, and search through your lists with wonderful ease
  • versatile enough for almost anything, including:
    • business and work-related tasks and to-dos
    • event planning
    • grocery shopping lists
    • errands
    • common and uncommon things to do around the home

Fresh Features That You'll Love

You'll discover that you can enjoy:

  • drag-and-drop reordering of your list items
  • simplicity in navigating between and filtering within lists
  • the ability to set items with recurring dates
  • gentle reminders by email or text message
  • and much more!

Share and Collaborate With Ease

  • let someone — or anyone — see a list you made, in just a few clicks
  • work together on a list with one or more people; for example:
    • everyone in family can share one common grocery shopping list
    • share the tasks for an event you are planning with a friend
    • collaborate with your study group on a list of final exam topics

Access From Anywhere

  • on your computer
  • on your iPad or other tablet
  • on your iPhone, Android smartphone or other popular mobile device
    • no apps required!
    • specially made for small screens
    • simply visit on your phone's browser